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How To Avoid Company Tax

The Tax Experts have many ways how to avoid company tax. The ways how to avoid company tax work by configuring your company’s’ affairs so you can legally avoid or reduce corporation tax or even to jsut extract the profits in a tax efficient way to avoid corporation tax AND income tax for the shareholders and directors or key employees.

Recently an old favorite method was the employee benefit trust, which has unfortunately become obsolete since the 9th December 2010 as a way how to avoid company tax. However skillful tax planners have already designed simple and legal alternatives that comply with all current legislation and will pass the GAAR (General Anti Abuse Rules) that are due to come into effect in the middle of 2013. The new tax planning methods give the same results as the Employee Benefit Trust did or better. Our Company Tax planning specialists will show you legally how to avoid company tax for your business in a way that is simple to understand and does not require any alteration of the way in which you do business.

 The answer to the question “how to avoid company tax” can consist of creating losses for your company via a Company tax planning scheme that are then set against the company profits as a way how to avoid company tax but there are many different solutions and we have the right one for you! There are many solutions to how to reduce corporation tax and they all depend on your state of affairs and your particular requirements.

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Company Qualification

Your Company needs to have gross profits including the Director’s Income in excess of #100k for our methods to be financially worthwhile for you. To find out the correct method how to avoid company tax for your company, call us now 24/7 on 0845 052 3787 or email us on info@thetaxexperts.co.uk


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